Friday, July 31, 2009

Step Ya Purse Game Up Ladies!

Whether your preference is tote, handbag, or clutch, one thing's for certain: Purses are very important to those of us who carry them. If you've been toting the same one for over a year plus, it's time to start thinking about getting a new one. There are actually a few added benefits to having a new purse:
1. It's healthier: We oftentimes don't think about the stuff we put in them or the places we lay them down at, but changing out of that old purse and washing it can get rid of a ton of germs that have collected on and inside of it. Germs like cold & flu or even bacteria that can cause Ecoli. (ick)
2. Size and Weight Matters: If you're used to carrying a large tote or handbag all the time and stuffing it full, that may be part of the reason why your back/shoulder/neck is killing you. Switch up to a smaller size and feel those areas sigh with relief.
3. Less Clutter= Less Digging: Another bene to having a smaller bag is that you have less room to put stuff in. That may sound bad, but think about this: the less stuff you have in the purse, the less time you spend digging for money at the counter. See? Time efficient and neat. Just keep in mind: only the basics in the purse.
4. The Feel Good Factor: Let's admit it; when you get a new purse, you feel better right? Kinda like getting your nails done, new shoes, or a new outfit. It could even be apart of the new outfit!

Keep all of these bene's in mind when choosing a new place to carry you world around. Just remember to keep it simple and fun; don't make it a chore! Choose something you like, yet bear these tips in mind while you're at it:
1. Don't Get Match-Crazy Baby!: It's okay to have one that'll go great with that fit you plan on wearing soon, but don't just buy a purse to just match that outfit. Keep your selections simple so that you can wear it with multiple looks and styles.
2. Oh! Hello New World! You Look Different: Be bold! Step outside you're usual taste and try something new. If you're a basic black girl, why now try grey or brown? Or for the daring, how about white? Get at least one purse that'll bring out your ensemble, something fresh!
3. Quality Matters: When selecting a purse, remember that just because it's cute it doesn't mean it'll last. Check the hardware(zippers, clasp, locks etc.) to see if it's not too flimsy. Check the interior to see if it's strong enough to withstand the interior abuse and to make sure that it won't bleed when it gets cleaned. If you're purchasing a leather purse then make sure you know a little about the leather your looking at. If not, then don't be afraid to ask the sales person about it. 5 minutes of ignorance is better than being pissed because the damn thing has a large rip on the side. If you're purchasing snake or gator skin (or faux), then make sure that when you run your finger over the outside that it's smooth and doesn't go against the grain. If it does then that means it'll tear faster. Be informed about the product!
4. Warrantee: It's Like Buying A New T.V.: Ask about the warrantee on the handbag, especially if you're shelling out big bucks for it. Most big name labels have great warrantees on their product, so don't miss out on it just because you're afraid to or just don't care. Because if something goes wrong and they won't take care of it, you'll be pretty pissed about it. If it cost extra, pay extra. A good purse is an investment.
5. Remember The Rent!: Look, you can have great quality without getting broke on a LV or a Gucci or Prada purse. Brands like Coach are great for the really great quality purse without spending a fortune. If you shop high end be smart about it. Check to see what's on sale or on clearance first. If you can't afford that, ain't nothing wrong with Target baby. Save Your Coins! We in recession, do you really need to spend $800 on a purse? No, you don't.

And remember: HAVE FUN! Shopping shouldn't be a hassle.

Pic credit: Cocolah

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