Monday, October 19, 2009

Dignity On A Leave Of Absence

Yes, I admit it! My guilty pleasure as of late has been female vs. female fuckery.

    I'm talking from the slick, sideways, nasty, or just downright vicious comments left on myspace/facebook/twitter, right down to the "B.O.B (bombs over Baghdad)" cat fights. The rate of women (and even some men) young and old putting there dignities on hold and stepping down from their thrones to go "handle a bitch" is growing everyday. You see it online at your favorite social networking site, on the street, in the stores or malls, on tv, at somebody's house down across the street, in schools, even in the church. Women everywhere are saying "oh hell naw, this bitch..." , taking off their earrings and getting ready to BANG!

All for what you ask?

Over a MAN!

     Now although this isn't exactly new to any of us, it  has become a growing  problem. I haven't really noticed it until recently. I was online, cruising the scene and checking up on friends, when I saw something that tickled me to death! As I was looking through on of my male friends page and being nosey I checked out the comments part. This chick was going in on another female with the classic "step up off my man" speech. Now, putting aside the misspelled words and severe lack of punctuation (which was the really funny part. I was like "please don't tell me she got past grade school with this shit? I fail to understand!) I thought to myself, "Is it even all that Shakespearean?" And that's when my eyes opened and I saw it; Women everywhere doing the same shit, on a much grander scale. I even went to World Star Hip Hop to see some of the cat fights. And while it was all quite entertaining, it got me to thinking: Why?
     My Mama always said one thing in various ways: "I am not gonna stress over one piece of man". And you know what, she's right! I know love can make you do some crazy things, but seriously? All the bitching and fighting over the same dude who is probably working on chick number three while y'all are busy snatching each other's hair out and beating each other to a bloody pulp. The only one who really wins is him. If you must beat on somebody, beat him! If you have to cuss somebody out, cuss him out! If you feel the need to go in at every female that says hi to your man, then maybe you need to look at yourself and the relationship, because there is obviously a trust/security issue going on there. If your man cheated, let him go or work it out. If you're with a guy who has an ex openly pining for him, then LET THEM! Yeah, I said it. Let Them Pine Away! The way I see it, as long as your man or the other woman don't truly cross the line, then the relationship should not be shaken by yours or her jealousy. If you're the piner, then maybe it's time to let go. And to both parties: if you've found him, you can find another one. Men are definitely NOT on the endangered species list baby, there's enough for everybody. I don't care if he has money, gives that good pipe, drives a nice car, pays the bills, has a good job, or a job period! It just even worth it to throw your dignity and self respect to the side just to "handle that bitch".

     Ladies, we gotta do better, for ourselves and for each other. Be the bigger person. Step away from the situation or handle it like adults. Didn't we leave all that bickering and arguing in the school yards, cafeteria's and hallways in high school? I'm just sayin'. Just remember that the younger generation are watching us. Is this the example we want to set for them?

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