Sunday, January 23, 2011

International Jam of the Week: Aaja Nachle

This is the title track from the 2007 Bollywood film "Aaja Nachle" starring Madhuri Dixit. My good friend Kamala_chan, ChiBot 3Staqs and I had an early morning Bollywood jamfest on Facebook when Kamala put us on to this. The music is fun, the colors are dreamy, but the most captivating element is Madhuri. She moves with a enticing mixture of grace, seduction, and control with pinches of playfulness sprinkled all over the place. Control is the keyword here. Every move seems flawless, on point. No over exaggeration whatsoever in her movements or facial expressions. She give you just enough and leaves you wanting more. I forgot to mention how much charisma she has: tons. This scene is gold.

I've watched this video at least five times. I geek out on the 2:28 mark. You may judge me now.

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