Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bumpin' Out My Speakerbox: Knee Deep in the Dead

Why damnit, these dudes are awesome!
One of the first things that I noticed is that the music is very... clean. Let me explain. If there's one thing that's a problem with most metal bands is that their shit sounds like runny grits. And what I mean by that is that everything in the song sounds thrown together, incoherent, and sloppy. Knee Deep does not have that problem. Each person actually knows what they're doing. Everything in each song is on point, and it's easy to follow the groove even when they switch it up mid-song. That they do switch up the groove in mid-song makes it even more fun to listen to. And the fact that they make everything instrument heard in each song is a plus as well. Nobody's hidden in the background, barely heard over the rest of the band. It almost seems as if each person gets a showcase moment, a chance to shine, then blend back in, yet still be heard. I've recently had the pleasure of watching them practice, and I can tell you that these dudes are no joke. Check 'em out!

Recommended song: song 4

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