Sunday, July 26, 2009

Young, Fresh & New: Quirks & Randomosities and Geektastical Things

Hello! Today I must give a big shout out to my cuzo Chi Chi (also known as Jet, Enti_Chi or ChiBot 3staqs) and her Blog: Quirks & Randomosities and Geekstastical Things. And I'm going to GIVE you a reason to go over there. What you know 'bout that "Crank Dat Harry Potter"? Yeah, I thought so. ChiBot, you's a damn fool! You've officially made my head hurt from laughin' at these clowns. You also made me a HP fan (HUFFLEPUFF BE SHITTIN' ON YOU HOES!).
I should Crusio yo ass! I do that shit for fun. Lmao!

Harry Potter Spell Meanings Time!
Crusio (crusiatus): a curse that inflicts excruciating pain.
Expluso: A spell that causes an object to explode.

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