Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bumpin' Out My Speakerbox: Unsaid

And you thought Orlando was just full of Disney shit?! 

The first time I'd ever heard of Unsaid was last year when they came down to lil ol' Ft. Myers to perform with Ekotren, and I was immediately blown away! I hadn't realized how hungry I was for something new until after they played the first song. It was like eating a good meal after weeks of eating nothing but junk food. I was beside myself with excitement. This band is nothing but the TRUTH!

"A New Breed in Alternative Metal" indeed! Their album "The Intial Transition" is out now, so save a couple  coins and get it!
Here's a little something extra to tempt the taste buds. Footage from when they came down to Ft. Myers. Hint: YES,  that burger joint is real. And no, I've never eaten there.

Get Your Life On Their Myspace
See More Live Vids On Youtube

 Songs to check out: Self-Inflicted, Let You In, Redemption is Bliss


  1. I didn't know Unsaid was from Orlando! And hell yes, O-town is WAAAAY more than just Disney shite! It was rated one of the top 25 places good for being a goth AND top ?? places for singles/young people. Orlando is where I get MY life! lol

  2. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Make me wanna visit yo! I would go to Disney World, but the employees keep dying so that means at shit to see. But Yes, definately check them out on the Space of the My! And On Youtube!


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