Saturday, October 17, 2009

Awesome Vampy Makeup Tutorial By MissChievous

Just in time for Halloween (eventhough this was done in April)! This chick is awesome with her makeup tutorials. She makes the style seem super easy to do. i like the products that she used to; from the company Obsessive Compulsive. They have really some really hot colors that I wanna try out. Colors that pop and are ultra dramatic, like the finished product of this look. Love love LOVE IT.

The link to Obsessive Compulsive is below, as well as this chick's youtube channel and blog. Definitely check those two out. And for the Sista's, I haven't forgotten about us! Two chicks names of Nunaavane and eyeXluvXmakeup did their own response vids using the same method and they both came out beautifully! So We can do it too! Yay!

Meanwhile, here are the names and prices of the product MissChievous used for this tut:

  • Lip Tar: NSFW- $12.50
  • Lip Tar: Tarred- $12.50
  • Eye Shadow: Ironic- $10.00
Click Here for MissChievous's Youtube Channel
Click Here for MissChievous' Blog
Click Here for Nunaavane's Video
Click Here for Eyexluvxmakeup's Video

Click Here to visit OCC Make Up

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