Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Big 100!!!!!!!!!!!


I'd like to thank everyone! From the readers, to the subcribers, friends, fam, my little cousin for flashing her teeth for me to take the above pic, the bloggers who gave advice (big shout out to Blogxilla, superthanks!), my Mama, all the bands that let me write  a couple of reviews ( I see you Knee Deep In the Dead!), ChiBot 3Staqs and Tamilla for being my blogging sister and the first two to subscribe, my Mama, Mercat for his randomly submitted entries, my brother for his random fuckery(chicken on the dancefloor, ketsup and mustard ooh hooo), my Mama and Daddy for raising a crazy little girl and trying to make her somewhat more civilized. Good Lord! so many people! You'd though I'd won an award or something!

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