Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fashion Lust: Leggings From Torrid

Black Sheer Lace Ruched Leggings-$28.00
White Black Lace Print Leggings-$24.00
Black And Gray Sequined Crocodile Leggings-$28.00
Black Torn Up Leggings-$25.00

Torrid's got some fly leggings for the holiday season. Snatch up a pair online or use these as inspiration to look for them for a cheaper price ( because $28.00 is kinda pushing it). Also ladies, if you're gonna wear these, pleeeeeease wear them right. These are not pants! They're hosiery for goodness sake! Wear them properly or look like hoe garbage. Your choice. There are a ton of creative ways to wear these and still look good. Don't be messy with it.

pic credit: Torrid 

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