Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here We Go 2

     You know what, I can't stand people sometimes. You try to shed some light on a very old and important issue, and there's always that one group who are simply too stubborn to realize that a change is needed. The point of this movie is to shed light on an old subject that has plagued African-American women since the time of slavery: The Good Hair Issue. the fact that this issue is still affecting us today is senseless to say the least. We as black women judge each other hard enough as it is based on the stuff thats on top of our heads.
And this chick is worried about the following
1.She's worried about other races laughing at us.
2.She's worried about the fact that our "secrets" about our hair will be revealed.
3.She's worried that it will make us look bad.
4.She's scared of more people coming up to us and saying "Your hair looks really nice. Is that a weave?"

So as a fellow black woman myself, let me just say that she NEEDS TO GET A FIRM GRIP ON REALITY A.S.A.P!
Here's why:
1. You're worried about the wrong thing if your worried about other races laughing at us about our hair. They've always have, along with other stereotypes that plague black women as a whole. You know the image: The "finger snapping 'n waving-head 'n neck rolling- big booty-bad attitude- fried chicken, cornbread, neckbones and collard greens cooking-can't keep a man-welfare check waitin'-shake what yo mama gave ya/drop it like it's hot dancing- 5 kids from 4 baby daddies- sexually deviant- Miss Thang/bitch/shorty/skeeza/gold digga/chicken head/hoodrat/bust it baby/hoe" image? Yeah, that one. I know I'm refreshing somebody's memory around here. We have our stereotypes like every other race. And we are striving, just like everybody else, to overcome. Please be concerned about the cause ma'am. We've come a long way, but we're still struggling with these issues and a ton more. stay focused dammit!

2. What "secrets"? Anybody who's curious to learn about our hair and the way we take care of it only has to do one of three things:
     A. Go to a black hair store.
     B. Ask their black friend.
     C. Both
3. See 1.
4. They do it anyway! And you shouldn't really care about if they're trying to insult you or not. The best way to handle that situation is to answer the question as mentioned in step 2 and go one about your business. Problem. Solved. Geez!


One day we shall overcome this issue as well. And black women all over the country will walk around with their heads held high, l no matter what it looks like! Until then, as this video shows, we still have a long ways to go.

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