Monday, October 26, 2009

I'd Like Some Cookie's Please?

(from l-r)
Love Boyfriend Twilight Jeans-$196
Faith Straight-Leg Rinse Jeans-$141
Grace Boot-cut Rinse-$141
Truth Wide-Leg Rinse Jeans-$198

Ladies with curves, I introduce you to Cookie Johnson"s "CJ" Jeans! As seen on Oprah.

They are supposed to be so comfy that they feel like sweatpants. They have a silk waits band instead of elastic, and despite the thin models shown above, are designed for women with curves (sizes 24-38(roughly from sizes 4-22) in the waist). Now as you can see from the prices shown above from Neiman-Marcus, these bad boys ain't cheap. But I always say, one must pay for good quality goods. If you've got it, then I suggest you by these jeans, because they are super-cute!

pic credit: Neiman Marcus 

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