Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Bigger" by Backstreet Boys

I don't give a flying fudgesicle what y'all think, I'm still a BSB fan. Always have been, always will be! Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive Hoe!

On that  note, I love this video for their song "Bigger"! They looked like they had fun with this one. And the fact that they filmed it in Japan is even better. Although I do miss the days when they used to dance in their vids, the more grown up and laid back side BSB is great. The song is good too, the lyrics are simple, sweet, and filled with innocent admiration. I know that's odd to say and it only adds to the "boybands are fruity" stereotype, but it doesn't matter. Only closed minded people think like that. Smh.

Anywho, they've come a long way from "Quit Playing Games(with my heart)", and although they've always had and adult contemporary vibe to their music, the new stuff is so much more better. Lyrics that grown up can relate to. Backstreet Boys are now Grown Ass Men now baby! I love it!

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