Saturday, April 3, 2010

Common presents Think Wright Vol. 1 Mixtape

So Common has a new movie coming out on May 14 called "Just Wright", and this mixtape is inspired by the upcoming film. Word in the sandbox is that volume 2 will be out soon. It'll be more hip hop related, which is great since he's co-starring with Queen Latifah, so it makes sense. But about this first volume, man oh man it's beautiful. He has tracks from Jamiroquai, Dwele, Bjork, and many more! It's positively magical! It almost gives you the feeling that you're floating in a sea of good music with multi-colored waves. Yes I did just say that and I am not ashame of it. This has got to be the best stuff I've heard this year so far. Download for free and enjoy. I know I am!

Common Presents: Think Wright Volume 1 Mixtape by Hypetrak

Credits (including pic): Hypertrak

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