Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Local Spotlight: Grand Theft Deity

So, who remembers the last time I did a local band post? Show of hands?

Yeah...me neither.

Let us press the play button on the game and continue on our last save shall we? We'll start of with a band called Grand Theft Deity.
       Grand Theft Deity are a band straight out of Naples, Florida (which is like 30 min. from my town, in which us Ft. Myers resi's call it the place "where all the rich people live" We all know places just like it.) Their style is more on the rock/reggae/progressive side, and they also do covers like the song above from the supergroup Hellyeah. The vibes from the music tend to remind you of good times, so that would also put them in the category of "feel good music" in my book. They also seem to be gaining some attention on the local scene, which is also a good thing. Now, about the band itself...well, I'ma let THEM tell it:
         "Founded late 2008, Grand Theft Deity is a band originally made up of four members from the indie label Cellout [records]®, in an effort to raise awareness of said venture the four teamed up and Grand Theft Deity was born. Currently, the band consist of only one original member of the label, Mérical Datus on the keys, and lead vocals, as well as three new members to the line-up, with Robert Genito on drums[formerly of Cellpan], Gus Zumbana on guitar[formerly of Ungrateful Son], and Chris Castor on Bass[formerly of Funkyall].
The guys have been influencing the local scene through their community oriented self promoted concert events, private tutoring, as well as recording studio that they extend to all ages. The Band having had experience with studio recording are very versatile in their music, however, Roots, Rock, and Reggae remains their forte. To find out more visit their community oriented website at http://cellout.us"- GTD (ReverbNation Bio)

 They seem to be making major moves as far as the local scene for that area, being that they are #7 on the local rock charts on ReverbNation. So we here at AIR & G will keep our eyes and ears open and keep you informed on GTD's rise to the top. Because although #7 is good, #1 is much better. And I'm pretty sure they'll grab that spot soon.

If you dig 'em, here's a list of places to keep track of GTD. Fan Up whores!:
The Main Website: Getchu that official piece, whores!
The ReverbNation Page: Stats & Tracks
Twitter: Follow the band

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  1. This was very direct and informative... It's kinda odd how that works... you know like they doin' all this movement and I'm just now finding out? but I guess that's how this word of mouth stuff works :) So yeah thanx


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