Thursday, July 29, 2010

Antoine Is Looking For You!

Okay, the situation itself is not funny. It's disturbing. You'd be freaking out too if you wake up to find some stranger attacking you! And I was prepared to get all huffed up and outraged over the situation right along with them. Arming myself with comments about security and things of that nature.

Then along came Antoine.


I thought he was the dude who attacked her at first before I pressed the play button.
but no, he's her sister (yes I said that right, genetics be damned *snaps & twists neck*). The minute he opened his mouth and delivered his opening speech, my soul closed it's casket. Antoine took this from being tragic to downright hilarious.

Serious tip though, I hope they find the guy and put him away. And I'm glad that Antoine was actually there.

And remember that Antoine is looking for you! So you can run and tell THAT....HOMEBOY!

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