Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh Hell No!: Swallowing an 18 inch Dong.

saw this over at EbenGregory's piece and was like "No she isn't! In the club too? No way"
then I pressed play.
The part that pisses me off is the fact that the two clowns in the back got they're phones out like this is some once in a lifetime shit. Now if that was their daughter doing some shit like that in the club and thinking it was cool and sexy, would these men still be alright with that? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! And ladies? Have our mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmother and all made great strides and sacrifices in their lives for us to grow up and do this? Is this what we're telling the kids it's okay to do when they see this? Is this what we want our kids to see us do? Is this what we want them to do when they grow up? There are a lot of questions that come up when I see stuff like this. I'm not a prude. There's nothing wrong with being sexy. And if you can do it in the bedroom, more power to you. But ladies, when you put yourself out there like that, with no respect for yourself, think about who's watching. Think about what they might be seeing or thinking.
In the words of EbenGregory; We gotta do better! I can't believe this. This really has me upset.

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