Friday, August 21, 2009

Nas & Pharrell Speak About Why Rappers Don't Go To Africa

This is the type of shit that I live for. Enlightenment!
I know what you're thinking,"LAWD! Another Pharrell related post?", and the answer is no, that's NOT why I'm posting this. The reason is quite clear: truth.
What do we know about Africa besides what we see on tv or what we read in the papers? Not much. And Nas brought up a very good point about how some Africans really don't like African-Americans. They're not the only ones either. I'm not trying to step on any cultural fingers, but the internal racism within the black community as a whole is completely and utterly stupid. I once had a neighbor who had a Haitian friend visiting her, and while chatting it up with my mother and I, she told us that the main reason why they (Haitians) really don't like us is because we're lazy. WTF?! I admit, we have our own batch of ignorant cousins, but who doesn't? And one day in recent history I was on the phone with one of my aunts, and she brought up the fact that every other race helps each other out EXCEPT blacks. Think about it. We're so worried about the fact that the next black man/woman is doing a little better then us that we either try to bring them down or don't help them out when they're in need. Again:WTF?! Fear+ Crab In A Bucket= Failure & Defeat. We all came from the same damn continent, we just got dropped off at different places. Nobody's better than or less than. The lack of knowledge, understanding, acceptance, and love will be not only our downfall, but the downfall of humanity itself. Think about it.

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