Monday, August 17, 2009

Words: Different thoughts from different people Epi.1

This is a little something that a dear friend of mine sent to me last Thursday. I questioned him about what his next move was going to be. He responded a couple days later. This is what he had to say:

"I sometimes wonder whatever happened to me, as in my dreams, aspirations, relationships, and ultimately my life as a leader. I'm founder of something that I didn't create, and now find myself on the brink of my own destruction. I'm wondering where did I come to flaw, is my demise to be relevant to some whom they as well would come to a collapse? I'm not certain of too much, but I've utilized my down time wisely and have found this conclusion to be true: Merical= numerical + the concept of a miracle. Which in short translates to a numeric miracle, a miracle numerically equated to happen. And as silly as it may sound, my name as for what it stands is my only hope. And of this I hope to identify the artist as the art form, to multiply its purpose further than mere entertainment and exuberance for the lifeless and vague. I am Mérical Datus and I am sold out to the cause of humanity itself, the uplifting of spirits, the quenching of souls. Yes indeed I am a sellout, and let it go down in history if local, and globally let it be recorded in time throughout eternal infinity, indeed I am the founder and pioneer of Cellout [records]® the first cell of many to multiplied unto the world, and so shall we return with strength and majesty commandering what is rightfully ours.

Cellout [records]®

Mérical Datus "

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  1. It's ok to be a little editorial, and correct any grammatical errors :)


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