Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fabolous- "Money Goes, Honey Stay ( When The Money Goes)" Remix feat. Jay-Z

This is the remix to "Money Goes, Honey Stay( When the Money Goes)" featuring Uncle Jay from Fabolous's new album "Loso's Way". Fabo is back, and not a moment too soon. I wish Jay actually did more than just the hook, but it's alright. Fab is one of those MC's who can actually save hip hop. Add this new joint to your collection!
The video is good, but it gets a little confusing in the end. So you're kinda left like "wtf?". But it's different, and it's a video. Fab's been dropping videos like crazy to push this album, and I think it's working. This is where I get the "Uncle Jay" thing from. I'd love to sit down and ask him for some advice. And you know you would to. "The best way to watch people is to not look at 'em", come on now, you know you just got straight inspired by that line.
Anywho, Enjoy!

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