Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dj Khaled's Road To Success

Let it be known that my love for DJ Khaled surpasses all others except Pharrell. And if they did a song together, I'd be the most excited woman ALIVE!

But that's another topic for another post. On another day. And It'll be a sunny one too.

Anywho, about the video. This man has worked HARD to get to where he's at now. I totally respect him. His albums have some of the greatest colabs on them too. And as of right now, besides Rick Ross's "Deeper Than Rap", Khaled's "We Global" STAY in the cd player or on repeat on my iTunes(especially "Go Hard" and "Bullet". Yesssss!!!!!) This video just proves that old school saying "That which does not kill, me makes me stronger"

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