Friday, September 18, 2009

P***y & Hot Sh*t!

I know I've been posting nothing but asian poets lately, but I can't help that. They're killin' it! And this is another prime example. Ishle Yi Park spits absolute TRUTH about the subject of pussy! I love how she brought up the thing about how most men compare their packages to hot rods and stuff. News Flash Menfolk: HOT RODS CAN NOT FUCK. AT ALL. And if they did, we wouldn't really enjoy it now would we? I'm just sayin'...

Amanda Diva is from the Sunshine State and is one of the few Floridians who makes me really proud. The first time I heard her was on Pitbull's "El Mariel" album and I was like "Shit, this just added more greatness to this album!" And now that I know she was on Def Poetry Jam it doubles the excitement for me! Go Amanda Diva!

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