Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 4 Letter Word & You

Goodness, I haven't done anything like this in a loooong time!! Let me dust myself off and try to get back in the groove of things with my rhythm-deficient self.

I had to jump on this piece today because of something that was sitting on my spirit and poking it with a toothpick. The subject is simple, yet it is the most complex thing in the world. The subject is Love.

Yes, that four letter word that you either embrace wholeheartedly or draw back from in unearthly disgust. I've been seeing all types of different levels of love and attraction all over the place ever since the new year started. From a close family member talking to me about her newfound romance with a younger guy who's quite simply swept her off her feet, to talking to her sister about her ongoing affectionate feelings for a friend of hers from high school. From reading 1 Corinthians 13 in the Bible, to engagements/marriages, to hearing tales about broken hearts and individuals who are fed up with their partners and moving on. Love, even in the brokenhearted, is all around us. It exist. It's something that gets ahold of each and every one of us at some point in our lives. Some search for it relentlessly. They leave the house thinking to themselves "Who knows? Today just might be the day..." and keep their hearts open and hope high. Some look for it in the wrong places, grow tired of it, and become strict non-believers. Some don't really think about it until kicks them in the chest, and they realize what they've ignored for so long. The list goes on, but one thing's for certain: Love, like shit, happens.

The question then becomes "What will you do when it hits you?" How would you react? To love takes strength and courage. To love someone, even if it's yourself, is to me a testament to your own strength. It puts you through all types of test. Things that you said you'd never do one moment tend to be the very thing you end up doing the next. All in the name of love and devotion. We accept things in ourselves and in or significant others that we normally don't accept in others. We put up with truckloads of shite, all in the name of. And we endure some of the worst pain in our lives when it's dealt by a loved one. And in the end of love, the hardest part is letting go of it. But in the long lesson of love we learn something; Love starts and ends with you. With your acknowledgment, it's allowed to blossom and grow. And with your resignation, it ceases to exist. In the end, we take our lessons and move on about our business. Now to me, all of that takes a considerable amount of strength the go through. I'm just sayin'. Chew on that random musing for a little bit while I paint my nails...


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