Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Mix Up: Old Hollywood

                                          Old Hollywood
       Inspired by vintage Hollywood, this look is sexy and classy. Even though most of us would probably never want to wear heels when we set out to go swimming. you'd still look fly as hell sitting  poolside and sipping a cocktail. The yellow/green swimsuit is a great example of using a bright color to make the look really pop, instead of the classic red, black, or white. I used the animal print heels to show how you can make the look a little more classy since we mainly associate animal prints with luxury. And the sunglasses are used to show that you should match the colors of your eyewear with your footwear to keep a sort of balance to the look. The hat basically goes with whichever color you choose.
      Again, all of the items in this set are under $50 for the diva's on a budget. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!

Items in this set:

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