Monday, April 19, 2010

The Mix Up: Urban Spring

Playing around on polyvore for the first time, I came up with this little mix and decided to call it "Urban Spring" due to the soft romantic pieces mixed in with the street-like feel. My goal was to keep all my choices in the "Under $50" section, since I'm still a firm believer of being frugal and fabulous. So here's the end result. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!
Blouse: $34, B & Lu
Jeans: $43, B & Lu
Eyeshadow: $38, Yesstyle
Pendant: $24, Art Beads
Earrings: $31, 1928
Pearl Bangles: $15, Oasis
Purse: $40, Topshop
Shoes: $30, Avenue

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