Friday, September 17, 2010

Rosy Grey Kitchen: Lena Mae's Kool-Aidtini

This is by no means a real martini. It was just something I threw together due to the inspiration I got from seeing my cousin Brittany pour some Kool-Aid in a martini glass. Please tell my Mama. Kool-Aid was banned from the household, and still is. But for those who can enjoy Kool-Aid freely, here's a way to shake up the classic drink.

P.S. Honestly, I just poured everything in, no exact measurements. So depending on how strong you want the drink, pour more or less alcohol.

2 parts Kool-Aid
*1 part gin (can be substituted with either rum or vodka)
1 part lemon juice

*again, depending on how strong you like your alcohol, you can increase/decrease the amount

Well folks, Enjoy! Please drink responsibly. Don't get Kool-Aid Wasted!

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