Friday, October 15, 2010

Jam of the Week: Abraham Linkin- "I Got It At Ross"

....and the hits just keep on coming. BARGAIN SHOPPERS UNITE!!!! STAND UP!!!!

This one is dedicated to all the frugal fashionista's who don't mind wearing last years clothes as long as they look good, all the moms who hit up the outlet store last minute for back to school, all the people who like to furnish their apartments on a tight budget, all the bargain hunting mavens who like to brag about getting that cute Harajuku bag for $20 (when it was originally $70). Look good for less playa! Where y'alls coupons at?! Throw 'em in the air!!(then pick them right back up because you know you'll need that for the color dot sales)

Stunin' like my daddy, bargain shoppin' like my mama!

I can totally hear DJ Khaled doing a remix to this. 

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