Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We. Need. To. Do. Better.

We need to get our priorities straight as a country. I'm sorry. It feels as if we're focusing on the wrong things because we don't want to face the bigger issues. So when the bigger issues get too big to ignore, we have the nerve to act shocked. No. You (America) knew this was there all along. Let me explain a few issues here...

Sex, Violence & Hate.
     The attacks and suicides amongst young members in the gay community. People committing unspeakable hate and sex crimes all over the place. Take for instance this morning I hear on the news about the young men who came forward and confessed to kidnapping, sodomizing, and killing two you gay men and killing a third older man for sleeping with one of them (click here). All because they were gay. Add that on top of the story that I found on Boondocks Bootleg about the father and his two sons who raped a woman and videotaped it (click here). These heinous acts of violence, the prejudice, the anguish that's going on gets to be too much. All involving sex. All over and because of sex. Twisting something that's supposed to be so natural to something that is ugly, something to evoke fear and wield power over the vulnerable.
      But what do we do? Say, "oh that's sad/wrong/unfair etc. and not speak out against it. We have to act. We have to stand up against this abuse. A person shouldn't have to fight for and/ or lose their life (by their hands or by the hands of others) just because of their sexual preference. It doesn't matter who you sleep with (unless it's children or animals.) It matters what's in a person's heart. A person should be okay with the act, not live in constant fear from day to day that somebody may attack you. We see the stories on Law & Order: SVU and we enjoy the drama, not thinking about the fact that most of these things are happening on the daily basis. From the abused housewives or children in suburbia to the hookers downtown and in the ghetto. To the gays who are scared to be open about their sexuality because of public opinion and are too afraid that they will lose their position in the community. To the young teenagers getting kicked out or contemplating suicide because they're being told that God won't love them, they're going to hell, and they aren't normal, a freak. It's all wrong. It's never alright. We need to stand up and be the voices for those who don't have one. I dare you to start today.

Religion Gone Wild.
       Lately, I've been wondering who's pastor/preacher/priest is going to step out and try to get a interview on Good Morning America and The Early Show for some publicity. Lately I've been wondering if they're gonna stop accusing President Obama of being a Muslim in the same tone they use to accuse predators and murderers. Lately I've been wondering if any of the people who throw stones and curse those who believe in a higher power know anything about that person's belief and teachings, despite what the media displays on your flatscreen tv or computer screen. In order to understand each other's practice, one must do research. You hate Hussan because the tv told you to. Don't blame that on Jesus. The blame lies in your narrow mind and your unwillingness to dig deeper and accept different faiths.

Entertainment is much more important...,
       In Hickory, North Carolina, a little girl is missing right now. The mother is believed to be involved. She may have been missing for over a month. Not even the teachers have stepped up and said that they noticed the child was missing. The local sheriff is pleading for everyone's help. On the flipside, Gap decided to change it's logo once again because of negative reviews. The Mexican police commander that was investigating the shooting of that tourist has died, his head found in a suitcase. On the flipside, the chick from Duke University did a powerpoint of all her hoeshit activities with the Lacrosse team and emailed it to three friends, who sent it to their friends, and so on until her story landed on (again) Good Morning America. A federal judge just order the "Don't ask, don't tell" ban to be lifted immediately. On the flipside, The Situation is still on DWTS. Notice a pattern here? Where is our focus at really? We need to get it together and prioritize.

*soul deep sigh* America, we need to do better. That lump in the rug has turned into a damn landfill.

all linked stories credit: Yahoo News.

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