Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Evening Parasailing
   So this past Friday Ma had a field trip for her Oceanography class at Ft. Myers Beach early in the morning, and enjoyed it so much she decided that we should go back down there and just hang out. With the weather being absolutely gorgeous, we dropped the top, stopped by the Publix to pick up a chicken dinner, and headed out to the nicer, less populated part of the beach. It was divine. The feel of the sun on my skin, sand in my toes and the smell of saltwater can really rejuvenate a girl. Plus, I got a new phone two weeks ago and tried out the camera. These pics are the results. I'm still shocked, and pleased.
    Be sure to soak up some of this good weather that we're having if you're in Florida (or anyplace else that's warm) because the cold is swiftly approaching. And make sure to spend some time with the ones you love. We all know how life can be hectic and bring you down every now & then. Be spending time with friends and family can be very uplifting. It can bring your spirit back to the place it needs to be: Home. Spend time on the phone with an old friend. Have a night filled with good food, music, and loud laughter. It truly is good for the soul.

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