Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the Screen: KTown Cowboys

So I just found this mini web series called "KTown Cowboys" last night. The storyline is simple: John (Lanny Joon), who just recently broke up with his girlfriend, moves from Richland VA to KTown. His cousin Jason (Shane Yoon) introduces him to his group of friends, and the adventure begins. The characters are believable and entertaining, and there are some parts that will have you dying laughing once you get to know each individual. I initially went in this because of a budding love for Shane Yoon. But as soon as I got into it, Peter Jae's meathead character "Peter" and Bobby Choy's passive-agressive character "Rob" who are complete opposites. There are only 8 episodes with one bonus episode with a Bobby Lee cameo. Enjoy!

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