Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 1: Letter to my Best Friend, Part One

Dear Ma,
This is a letter coming from the non-daughter side. We have a great time together. Folks really don’t know just how funny you are, how much sense you make, how much fun you can be. I admire your style; simple and feminine. I feel  that our friendship is deeper and more unique than words can express. I can talk to you about anything and everything. Plus I know that you aren’t stuck in the past as far as your opinions, understanding and viewpoint. I love that you are open to new experiences, how you like to explore, discover. I love you for your strength. Your faith. I love how you unapologetically love the nicer things in life. I love how you strive for better; A better career, better lifestyle. I love how you set realistic goals. How you’ve never settled for the negative mentality that plagues most people, that “can’t” mentality. You want, then seek out ways to obtain and achieve. You do so with aggression, stubbornness and optimism that is admirable. You ignore rolling eyes and naysayers. You have the ability to make them feel like crumbs afterwards. You want what you want and do as you please. Only God can make you sit down somewhere. I simply cannot express how much I admire this about you, even when I grumble (which I have, many a time). There’s no point in envying or wishing because you're teaching me while doing this. I watch you more than you know. I see the lessons you’ve learned and take notes. I’ve been with you through countless highs & lows. We argue, laugh, cry, learn, and everything in between the in between. I love you Ma.


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