Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 3: Letter to my Parents

Dear Ma & Dwayne,
I don’t want the two of you to think that you have to apologize for anything. Dorian and I came out fine. Think about it; We aren’t in the Jailhouse, dopehouse, or (excuse my language) the whorehouse. We came out as stable, law-abiding citizens with a touch of wretchedness. We may act like we don’t have any sense, but you both know better. You were a pair of young people trying to raise two stubborn kids the best way you could. Guess what? You won!
You were the type of parents who liked to get out and GO! Dorian and I would be having a normal week, and the next thing we knew we’d be piled up in a car on the way garage sale hunting, the beach, or out of town. You splurged on us when you could afford to, and gave us quality. That’s how we ended up wanting the best, not the latest. But we weren’t spoiled (thank God!), because you made damn sure that never happened. One step out of line, and the privileges were snatched from us. You taught us that God came first at all times. You accepted our friends, but were quick to let us know which ones were trouble. You embraced and encouraged our open-mindedness, even when the results shocked you at times. You both gave sound advice and were good teachers. Nothing was ever sugar-coated for us. We were told what was up at all times. We never went hungry or homeless, and always had clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet. We’ve always been okay. Dorian and I knew, even then, that it was hard to do that. It’s my personal belief that we needed parents like y’all, strict but fun. Anyone else and we’d be lost. God paired us mixed-matched individuals together, and together we grew.  I thank and love God & y’all for everything.


Remember when y’all used to take the stereo away from me and put it in your room? Yeah, when y’all left, I went in, stole it, and used it until y’all pulled up in the driveway. Yeah…sorry. lol!

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