Sunday, July 5, 2009

LV+ Murakami= Greatness!

This is an older video, but I still love it. Takashi Muramaki is a wonderful artist. The first time I saw his work was with this video. Not only was I
sold right away because it was for Louis Vutton and the fact that they used animation, but because of the art and the colors. Bright fun colors.
Colors that somehow bring out the kid in me and made me say "oooh" at one point. Then I learned that he worked with Marc Jacobs and I got so excited
I squealed. He's wonderful!
Louis Vutton isn't just a brand name, and the minute you own at least one piece you'll see why. It's the quality and the beauty of the pieces that make you
want to become a collector. No matter if it's the clothes, luggage, or jewelry, LV simply equals fly. I personally don't want just the monogram stuff because that's played out
and overkilled. I tend to go more towards just colors and avoid prints anyway. But I would get the Muramaki/ Marc Jacobs bags! They're fun and beautiful!

Here's another video about Murakami and LV. And yes, Pharrell is in this one! I am NOT obsessed.
I post a lot of videos don't I? LOL!

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