Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Hook-Up Bag (bless you Seaki!)

I love Seaki! He's awesome, funny, and very beautiful ( I have a weakness for beautiful men)
Anywho, he brings up some very good points in this video. Every sexually active person should have a hook up bag, especially women. Our sugarboxes
are very important, and we need to keep them as clean and as healthy as possible. And I'm with him on the soap and wipes thing. I carry wipes with me all the time
because I think it's important to be extra clean down there. And not everybody can use the same soap, They may use something that makes you break out, so just bring a small bottle
of your own shower gel or your own bar of soap (they make travel size soaps, or just get a small plastic bottle that they sell in stores and pour your shower gel in there.)
Plus you really don't know who's using the other persons soap (ick!), so I'd say just bring your own.
Now some people have overnight bags, and I think they can be used for the same purpose. It's as simple as adding a few extra things in the bag if you plan
to partake in any "adult activities"( i.e. condoms, lube, etc.). I heart my overnight bag because it's black pleather, I can double it as a purse, and it's big
enough to tote everything I need. But now I'm thinking that it would make a sexy ass hook up bag. The cookbook thing
is an awesome idea as well. I just have to get some more practice in, but damnit I'm with Seaki on this one as well: if he's that good, then damn right, feed the man!
And let's take note that the cookbook is small and not some big ass 5-star five subject notebook. I'm just sayin'.
Ideas ideas ideas! I'ma make me a hook up bag yo!

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