Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My take on the Chris Brown Apology Vid & The Real Chris Brown Apology brought to you by Kid Fury!

By now we've all seen the Chris Brown apology video on various websites. And although everyone has felt the need to once again throw their $0.02 in about it, I'm gonna throw mine in the bucket as well. I believe that the entire situation was what it was: sad. It took two famous kids to bring the subject of domestic violence to the forefront, and that to me is a damn shame. I know plenty of domestic violence victims(family and friends alike), and do you see them on Oprah? Do the have whole segments about their stories? No. But on the other hand, we need to let Chris Brown alone and let him move on with his career and life and stop judging him. We are not God. Period. And for those people who simply can't forgive him, a piece of advice: GET A LIFE. Do you realize how many victims get an actual apology? Very few. Even if he was reading off of something, he said he was sorry. And if you simply cannot except that, then what will you except hmm? What makes you so great that you can't except human behavior from a fellow human (because in case you haven't noticed, you ARE human)? Again I state: We Are Not God.

Now on a lighter note, here's Kid Fury's take on the video. Enjoy!

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