Monday, September 21, 2009

Bitch, You See It!

 Yes! You see the curves honey!
 Everbody's talking about London Fashion Week, and one of the main name on everyones lips is Mark Fast. He stepped out of the box by using models of varying shapes and sizes, including sizes 14+ (Yes you read right, 14+) to stomp the catwalk at his show. It's being reported by Daily Mail that the announcement of having these svelte shaped women walking the runway caused such a shock that his stylist and creative designer actually quit. But as one can clearly see, one monkey( or in this case two) don't stop no show! These women look absolutely amazing! And they don't look a bit out of place, they look just as good as the smaller models. And the dresses are sexy, hugging every curve and even showing some skin (which is usually a no-no for us big girls). Yet they still look classy and stylish. You gotta have confidence to where these dresses baby, you can't be half-steppin' and iffy about it.

     Mark is showing the world that sexy isn't limited to just size 0-4. In fact, this seems to be our time to shine! From the readers protesting over the Kelly Clarkson cover of Self Magazine to the rave reviews for the plus sized model Lizzi Miller baring it all in Glamour Magazine, it seems that the prayers of the everyday woman have finally been answered: We want to see more women like us in the fashion world! I mean seriously, Glamour? Glamour is huge! And now this! This is Fantastic! Now granted, some may say that size 14 isn't really plus size, that we need more size 22's+ in there as well. But that's really not the point. Size 14 is the size of the average woman nowadays. So it makes me feel good to see more curves and bellies in the mags and on the catwalk, looking sexy and tasteful. And I'm a size 24 ( yes I am, and yes I did, I'm not ashamed of it either ). We're out & we're proud! Thick girls have always been sexy, and he's proved it for once and for all. Thank You Mark Fast!

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