Monday, September 7, 2009


Again, I heart Haterazzi! Not only is this vid hella funny, but dude is spittin' mad truth! Substance abuse isn't a mental disorder. At all. It can be triggered by a mental disorder, it my even cause one, but it is NOT a mental disorder. And although I would love to see these people get help and slay their demons, the truth still remains. So you can't make up any excuses for them. You either be part of the problem or the solution, but in the end, they have to want change for themselves.
And he's also right about something else. How many of us are willing to help that crackhead who broke into our homes or cars? Very, very few. If anything you'll be quick to call the law and scream "I don't pay my taxes for nothing! I want justice!"
I'm just sayin' tho...

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