Sunday, September 6, 2009

L Kick Dat Hoe!!

Shout Out to JetBot 3staqs!!! This bud's for yoooou!
From Death Note. L( the guy with the black hair and dark circle under his eyes who picks up the phone weird) is my hero! LMAO!!
Peep the kick at 1:14. THAT'S THE L KICK!!!
So from now on y'all will know what I mean when I say "L KICK DAT HOE!"
If you haven't had a taste of Death Note in your life, then you need to add that to next weeks grocery list. And replace dessert, because there's plenty of sweets in this series to compensate for that pie you were gonna eat. I get visual diabetes, a toothache, and a mild stroke just watching it. Yikes. I kid, I kid! Just watch!

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