Friday, October 2, 2009

Perfume Lust

So two days ago I discovered the greatness that is Ulta for the first time with the cuzo ChiBot 3Staqs.  The store sells everything beauty related: hair, nail care, make up and skin care products as well as a wide range of fragrances. So while in the fragrance part of the store I fell in love with a few perfumes. So much so that I wanted to share! this is totally my wishlist for Christmas (hint hint):

Marc Jacobs Daisy for Women

Okay first off, it's Marc Jacobs Bitch! Second, it has such a pretty flowery scent( jasmine, voilet leaf, and gardenia) without it smelling overly sweet (nose hold at the though yo, because I hate that!) And third, the bottle is pretty. I would suggest getting the gift set though if you really like it. With the gift set you not only get the spray, but you get the shower scrub and perfume stick which is great for on-the-go.

Lovely Moments Twilight by Sarah Jessica Parker

This is a very subtle and pretty scent. great for evening wear. There are more scents in this collection, but this is my favorite because its the most memorable. If you like this one you should also try out dawn, which smells perfect for, you guessed it, daywear.

Princess by Vera Wang

First off, BIG shout out to my aunt Caroline for putting me on this! Your niece is eternally grateful!
This is a stronger scent, but do not let that put you off. This is my second on the regular scent that I wear whenever I get a chance. Got the gift set with the shower gel and lotion as well, so the scent can last all day. I really recommend this, but make sure you put this on lightly. Neck and wrist areas should be fine. Sweet smelling with a hint of musk in it. If you like it you should also try Rock Princess as well, which has more of the musk smell to it. Love love LOVE!

pic credit: Ulta 

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